Is Your Home Security System Protecting Your Privacy?

Smart home security continues to be a hot topic. The latest and greatest advancements in technology are allowing homeowners to have more control, and these advancements are allowing homeowners to create a life they desire. However, one of the issues that many homeowners face when it comes to home security is privacy. Unfortunately, hackers will… Read More

ProTec Security Systems: Local Home Security Expert

Greenville, South Carolina, is a beautiful area of the United States, and it draws in many people who settle down in the community surrounding the city. Residents of this region have positive experiences in their everyday lives, and this sense of happiness and contentment has lulled many people into a false sense of security. Crime… Read More

Small Town Home Security

When people live in a small town, one of the things that residents equate to a small town is safety. We understand that many Greenville residents will feel that this is the type of city where people believe there is no need to lock doors or windows, let alone make such a critical investment in… Read More

Tips For Your Home Safe

The purpose of using a password is to restrict who has access to it. It’s why you have a password on your computer, email account, online banking account, and to open your smartphone. Your password needs to be unique, and you need to keep it private, because the more people who know what it is,… Read More

Avoid These Common Home Security Mistakes

When people think about home security system experts, they will probably think about those who work in the security industry. However, there are also security experts who work to evade a security system. Unfortunately, the number of home invasions that take place yearly continues to rise. Nearly 10 percent of households across the United States… Read More