Who’s Securing the Security System? 3 Questions to Ask Before Picking a Smart Home System

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Smart homes offer a lot of security system benefits. They give you remote control of your property’s electricity and let you change the thermostat. They also increase your home’s security with sensors, automated locks, and cameras. But that automation requires an operating system. Like all of the other data streams and computing systems in your… Read More

The Benefits of Interactive Home Security Systems

home security illustration showing family leaving for vacation while their looks in their home window

Home security systems are vital in ensuring the safety of your home when you are away. However, outdated systems give you little control over your home when you are gone, and provide no way to monitor your system remotely. This is where interactive security systems can provide a huge advantage. These systems give you complete… Read More

How Can Home Security Save You Money?

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A home security system sounds like something you don’t need until you need it. But upgrading your home’s security system can do a lot more than just protect your home in the event of an emergency. Here are two additional ways it can help even if you never use the alarms. Smart homes need a… Read More

The Benefits of Choosing Wireless Home Security

man on sofa operating wireless home security system on iPhone

When it comes time to choose a home security system, you will have to choose between a wired or a wireless system. Wireless systems continue to grow in popularity due to the advanced innovation and security benefits they provide. If you are looking to add a security system to your home, here are just a… Read More

Replace Your Surge Protectors Regularly

surge protected lights with only one light burning

Surge protectors have a limited lifespan. When they’ve exhausted their strength, they may seem to be as good as ever, but they’re no longer able to do their job. To be sure your devices are protected against voltage spikes, you need to replace them periodically. A protector’s lifetime capacity is measured in joules, a unit… Read More