Use Lawn Maintenance To Improve Home Security

If there is any drawback to this time of year, it is that homes are at a higher risk of being burglarized. The warm air, the fresh air, and the neighborhood activities can often result in people becoming negligent when it comes to home security. Many people will intentionally or unintentionally leave the doors unlocked… Read More

Home Security Systems: The Importance Of Maintenance

Your home security system needs consistent maintenance to ensure it is functioning at an optimal level. Some things you will need to do to ensure your security system is performing efficiently and effectively will include inspecting the individual features, ensuring that batteries are changed when needed, and ensuring that all features and components are able… Read More

Home Break-Ins: A Top Property Crime

Property crime in the United States includes every instance of theft or illegal destruction of property with no force against the victim. A home break-in is one of the top property crimes committed across America. A burglary attempt can occur nearly every 30 seconds in the United States. This means two burglaries or burglary attempts… Read More