Why Home Security Systems Are Important In Protecting Assets and Family

In light of increasing economic instability, opportunity crimes, and habitual criminal activity, investing in a home security system is invaluable. Protecting your family’s home from potential theft and bodily harm can only be enforced with a properly installed security system. As some homeowners choose to have safes for valuables at home, assets like family heirlooms, cash,… Read More

Home Security Systems and Hurricane Season

Hurricane season in the Atlantic, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico begins June 1st which means that now is the time to start preparing. Homes along the Atlantic Coast are vulnerable in more ways than one, so installing a new home security system makes sense for a majority of South Carolina residents. Most… Read More

Home Security While You’re Away From Home

Whether you’re simply keeping your doors locked at night or installing a home security system, any smart homeowner will go to any length to protect their valuables. If there’s one thing that you need to remember, however, is that people won’t always try breaking into a house when the owner’s home. People might watch your… Read More

The Importance of Home Security Systems

When going to bed at night, people always do the essentials such as locking their door and making sure the front light on the outside of the house is on. While these things will sometimes keep the burglars away, many crooks are smarter than at first glance. After all, when someone tries breaking into a house,… Read More

4 Reasons Why Home Security Systems Are Necessary

New technologies are constantly being created to serve the needs of consumers. Specifically speaking, more people are incorporating home security systems into their homes because of the added benefits that come with owning one. Due to the advancements of home security systems, homeowners can lead a safe and happy life. With that being said, here… Read More

Appliance Protection Customized For Your Needs

Discovering that your refrigerator has stopped working is a nuisance. Finding out that you could have saved money on repairs by buying a new refrigerator instead is a nightmare. Prevent this from happening to you by purchasing an Appliance Protection program from ProTec Security Systems. We designed our Appliance Protection programs to shield you from excessive repair… Read More

The Advantages of Whole-Home Surge Protection

A power surge can happen out of the blue, and before you can even react. In the blink of an eye, the surge will be over, but the ramifications could be widespread throughout your home. Unless you are protected, even a small power surge could fry your valuable electronics and appliances, causing thousands of dollars… Read More