The Best Choice in Home Security Systems


You know you need a home security system, but it can be intimidating trying to figure out exactly what you need. This is an important decision – the health and safety of your family and the security of all of your possessions is at stake here. So, how do you decide? The first thing we suggest… Read More

Fire Alarm Systems and Holiday Awareness


Whatever you celebrate, the winter months are a time for decorating, parties, gifts, and fun. Who wants to think about unhappy things like fire when there are snacks to eat and games to watch? Unfortunately, November and December, are the highest-risk months for house fires. The most common causes of house fires are smoking, candles, electrical… Read More

5 Common Causes of Home Fires


As a provider of home security systems in Greenville, we thought we’d take a closer look at the most common causes of residential fires. By knowing the areas of the home that pose the greatest risk, you can take steps to protect your family, home, and valuables. Here are five common causes of home fires:… Read More

Fire Safety in the Kitchen


Did you know that almost half of all residential fires start in the kitchen? That’s why as part of our ongoing home security educational series for Fire Prevention Month, we turn our attention to kitchen fires and how you can prevent them: All it takes is a few seconds for hot oil from a pan to splatter and hit… Read More

Teaching Kids About Fire Safety


Teaching your kids about fire safety and prevention is crucial for keeping them safe, but can also be a bit tricky. After all, you want to emphasize the seriousness of fire prevention, but you don’t want to completely scare them. Here are a few tips for teaching kids about fire safety in an age-appropriate way: Your whole… Read More